Club Profile

Team NameKashima Antlers
Management CorporationKashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd.
PresidentHiroshi SHONO
Address2887 Aou Higashiyama, Kashima City, Ibaraki, 314-0021, Japan
Our Vision
How to Proceed through the Next 25 Years Seven Years since the Launch of Vision KA41
Seven years ago, on 1 October 2011, Kashima Antlers announced ‘Vision KA41’ as part of the club’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

This is our vision concerning how the club should meet the year 2041, the 50th anniversary of our establishment, and indicates what we have to do and how we can link each task in order to achieve our aims.

However, this is not a pledge made to avoid taking responsibility. This was a declaration of our intent made in 2011 – the year in which we suffered from an unprecedented disaster, the Great East Japan Earthquake – to approach the management of the club with innovative thinking.

Before this vision was made, Antlers launched its ‘FOOTBALL DREAM NEXT’ project in 2008, and spent three years researching the environment and conditions of the club.

The conclusion of that research was that it would be difficult for the club to remain in existence if we continued to base our management on the current situation in the Rokko region, in which there are few advantages in terms of marketing compared to other clubs. That situation has not changed since seven years ago. That's why we will take another good look at ourselves, then look ahead to our future. This has always been Antlers’ stance.

The five club visions presented in KA41 that we are aiming to achieve.
  • 1. To continue as a strong club challenging the world
  • 2. To be a youth development-oriented club based in the local area
  • 3. To be a brand supported by locals with a thorough local strategy
  • 4. To have a base at a world-class stadium
  • 5. To keep sharing the dream with the Antlers family
In 2018, under the everlasting theme of ‘FOOTBALL DREAM’, proclaimed since our establishment, we will keep challenging ourselves to ‘surpass’ what we were yesterday.

This encompasses the work of every individual striving to achieve the five visions. In order to live up to our tradition and keep dreaming with the whole Antlers family, what should our next challenge be? This brief will outline our current situation with regards to 'Vision KA41'.